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Online, simple STEM activity, drones to win, with bonus teacher resources


Decide the level


Produce your map


Enter the competition

STEP 1: Decide the Level


There are three different levels for this activity, based on the ability of your children. We have put a recommended age bracket for each.

Level 1: Hand Drawn Map

This is the simplest version, best suited for students aged 7 and under.


Students will look at a satellite image of their school, and then produce a hand drawn map of their school, showing the amount of shade vs buildings. 

Level 2: ScribbleMaps

This is a basic online digitisation method, best suited for students aged 8 - 10 years old.


Students will use an online, free piece of software to create a digital map of their school, showing the amount of shade vs buildings, and manually calculate area for each. 

Level 3: Google Earth Engine

This is a more advanced online digitisation method, best suited for students aged 11+ years old.


Students will use Google Earth Engine to create a digital map of their school, showing the amount of shade vs buildings, and use Javascript coding to calculate the area. 

STEP 2: Produce Your Map


Each student should produce a map that meets cartographic (mapping) conventions.


Border - shows the map boundary

Orientation - a north arrow shows correct direction

Legend - explains colours, features, symbols

Title - what the map is about

Scale - for measuring distance

Sources - who owns the data, map creator, date


Beyond this, it is truly an art to making an aesthetically pleasing map. Experiment to see what works for you!

STEP 3: Enter the Competition


Submit your finished map to go in the draw.

Entry Requirements


Submit a photo or electronic copy of a completed map.


One entry per child.

Win a Tello Drone


We are giving away 10 Tello Drones, valued at AU$169 each.

Prize Categories


One drone for each age category: 6 years old and under / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 / 11 / 12-16 years old


Three judges prizes


Child must be the age at the time of entry submission.

Teacher Resources


Done For You resources to integrate into your online classroom


These resources are designed as a complete Unit of Work, saving you hours of planning time. To get the best results, we encourage you to follow the steps yourself first, before giving it to your students.


Feel free to copy and paste the links and activities into your own documents / emails etc. This activity will take your students anywhere from 2 - 6 hours of work, depending on how much effort they put in. There will be some spots where your students might need some support, but we have tested it with our 8-year old so we know it is achievable.

Planning Complete

  • Unit of Work

    This provides teachers with a full lesson plan sequence, including two assessment pieces that can be completed with Home-based learning.


    Unit Outline - Download here

    Lesson Sequence - Download here

Classroom Ready

  • Curriculum Mapped

    Mapped to the Australian Curriculum for Digital Technologies, HASS, and Geography.


    Download here 

Student Ready

  • Student Activity Sheets

    Two student activity sheets with guiding questions and instructions.


    Download here

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