Online STEM Show

Fun episodes and questions with STEM Communicators, for 5 - 12 year olds...

Replays Still Available

We have finished this season of Live in Orbit, but don't worry, you can still access all the replays on our Vimeo page. They are organised by week.  

Thank you very much for providing such a valuable opportunity for children, especially during this unusual time in their schooling life.

Mother of 7 year old

My kids are really enjoying this series. Thank you thank you thank YOU for offering this amazing series! Staying at home all day is hard for kids.

Another Mum

Very engaging. Well done for organising all these great scientists and a huge thank you.



Mother of 5 and 8 year old

How Does It Work?

STEM Experts


We offer a ​20 minute presentation by a scientist or STEM expert, followed by questions. 


We even give your kids a little bit of homework to consolidate their learning and keep them occupied afterwards!

Attend from Anywhere


These talks are 100% online, hosted in Zoom and streamed live to our Facebook Page, so you can attend from anywhere in the world.


We record every session and you can access the replays via Vimeo.


  • Online

    This is delivered as a fully online event, using tested methods. We delivered an online conference last year, so we know what works.

  • STEM Outcomes

    STEM and Digital Technologies are an essential part of the curriculum. These talks are delivered with kids and the curriculum in mind.

  • Industry Connection

    The jobs of the future and skills for a 2030 workforce are sometimes hard to imagine. Our STEM experts will broaden your students minds!

  • Run By Educators

    The She Maps team are qualified teachers and academics, with industry experience. They know what you need, because they are in the same shoes as you!

Past Superstar Presenters


We thank each and every one of our fabulous presenters for taking the time to talk with us! Topics so far have included: Invasive species, rockpools, mapping, coral bleaching, sea stars, biomechanics, mental health, backyard bugs, fish, geology, astronomy, water, plankton, plant disease, seagrass, archaeology, mangroves, climate, chemotherapy, sharks, cell biology, aeronautical engineering, dog training, plastic waste, jellyfish, reef mapping, turtles, bees, climate change, sea slugs, caring for animals, healthy paddocks, saving the planet, satellites, spiders, STEM in professional sport, cattle grazing, career aspirations, fire and water safety, minecraft and geology, fire monitoring, neuroscience, astrophysics, ecology ...


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