The World's First

Online Drone Conference

This conference gives educators the confidence and inspiration to bring drones and other digital technology into their classrooms to create engaging STEM lessons.

This conference was held LIVE from 30 September to 4 October 2019.


REPLAYs of all the talks are available now, and accessible until EduDrone 2020. See below for more information of what the conference looked like.

How Did It Work?

  • Two Sessions per Day

    There are two, 1 hour sessions per day for five days.

    - 10am AEST (7pm US Central)

    - 7pm AEST (10am United Kingdom)

  • Wherever You Are

    You can attend from anywhere in the world, from the comfort of your lounge, wearing your most comfortable clothes if you really want!

  • Four Speakers per Session

    In each session we will have a 15 minute keynote speaker followed by three 10 minute talks from educational leaders. At the end there will be plenty of time for questions.

  • Replays Available

    All sessions will be recorded and replays available for viewing later. 

Pricing is volume based and will increase when capacity is reached

Please consider the environment before you print the program


MONDAY 30 SEPT: 10am Brisbane / 8pm New York


April Boyd-Noronha

STEM101: the Rules of Engagement for Educators

Dr Javier Leon

Drones and 3D Mapping

Ruth Harrison

Why is it Important to Find More Female Engineers?

Sharon Rossmark

The Surprising Uses of Drones

MONDAY 30 SEPT: 7pm Brisbane / 10am London


Dr Patrick Meier

Decolonising Drones for Scoial Good

Rachel Brittliff

Think Plasma is What the TV is Made Of? Don't Worry, You Can Still Raise Science Loving Kids

Katie Vidal

Step Into STEM


Clair Allen

It's Not About The Drones

TUESDAY 1 OCT: 10am Brisbane / 8pm New York


Peter Kinne

The Business of Geospatial Industries in the Future

Leigh Howser / Ash Quested

Drones in Outback Schools

Dr Andrew Fletcher

STEM-MMA: teaching with drones without fighting with technology

Dennis Baldwin / Marisa Vickery

Integrating Drones Into the Classroom

TUESDAY 1 OCT: 7pm Brisbane / 10am London


Melinda Clarke

The Melbourne Map: Sharing an Illustrated Map Making Journey

Dr Jason Holdsworth


Nathan Tasca

Drones of Tomorrow, in Classrooms Today!

Tom Pils

The Race for Low Altitude Airspace and Drone Deliveries

WEDNESDAY 2 OCT: 10am Brisbane / 8pm New York


Romeo Durscher

Drones and Public Safety

Keni Rienks

Connecting Students to the Environment Through Drones

Ann Hargrove

Come Fly With Me! They Sky's the Limit When You Add Drones to Your Lessons

Chris Johnstone

Carefully Considering Drones: Safety and Privacy Concerns  in Schools

WEDNESDAY 2 OCT: 7pm Brisbane / 10am London


Lt Col Jasmin Diab

Exciting Future Careers in STEM - Not all Scientists Wear Lab Coats or Engineers Wear High Vis

John Pearce

Drones from Classroom to Coast and Back Again

Brett Dascombe

Spatial Technologies and STEM in the Geography Classroom

Giselle Pickering

My Geographic Journey: From Bauxite Residue to Bicycles

THURSDAY 3 OCT: 10am Brisbane / 8pm New York


Dr Tanya Harrison

Out Of  This World Career Options in Remote Sensing

Meghan Salter

Incorporating Drones Into the Classroom

Christine Munisteri

Drones: Atlanta to Belize to Nashville

Erin Knoetig

The Process: The Good, The Bad, The Beautiful

THURSDAY 3 OCT: 7pm Brisbane / 10am London


Joanne Thomson

Critical Drone Operations Within the Queensland State Emergency Service

Kelly Soenario

The Challenges and Successes of Using Drones in Secondary School Education in Australia

Christian Janke

Building a STEM Project with Drones in Germany for Kids and Teachers

Michael Gabriel

Leading the Integration of Technology to Complement Outdoor Learning Experiences

FRIDAY 4 OCT: 10am Brisbane / 8pm New York


Prof Tim Foresman

Earth -Centric Learning for a Digital Earth

Lorie Grabham

Think. Big. Aviation. Pioneers - Drones Where You Least Expect Them

Dr Tim Hawthorne

Citizen Science, Drones, and OpenReef

Robert Lane / Christy Scofield

Got Moxie? The Story of an All-Girls Computer Science Club that Took Off and is Yet to Land

FRIDAY 4 OCT: 7pm Brisbane / 10am London


Sebastian Robertson

Dealing with Drone Data That's More than Just Pretty Pictures

John Coulombe

Drone Education in Emergency and Disaster Management

Adam Hooper

Drones in Schools - Maintaining Positive Control

Dr Karen Joyce

Using Drones to Engage with STEM by Stealth


There are four tiers of pricing. Prices will increase as each tier sells out.

Single Admission


  • Tier 4 Pricing - FULL REPLAYS

  • Access to all sessions

  • 12 months access to replays

Tier Pricing - Volume Based

  • Tier 1 Pricing - $29 - SOLD OUT

  • Tier 2 - $39 - SOLD OUT

  • Tier 3 - $49 - SOLD OUT

  • Tier 4 - $59 - NOW AVAILABLE


  • Professional Development

    As a teacher, getting your PD credits can be expensive. But with an online conference, with experts from around the world this is very cost effective.

  • STEM Outcomes

    STEM and Digital Technologies are an essential part of the curriculum. We will give you more than information, you will be inspired!

  • Industry Connection

    The jobs of the future and skills for a 2030 workforce are sometimes hard to image. So we have got experts in who are designing the future now and want to employ your students when they leave school!

  • By Educators, For Educators

    The conference organisers are qualified teachers and academics, with industry experience. They know what you need, because they are in the same shoes as you!

Pricing is volume based and will increase when capacity is reached



EduDrone is an online drone education conference brought to you by She Maps – the leader in drone and geospatial education.


From 30 September - 4 October 2019, leaders from around the world will share their stories of innovation, drones, and digital technology in the classroom.


Grab a cup of coffee and join hundreds of educators from around Australia, the USA and the rest of the world to be inspired by our keynote speakers and educational leaders!


See you online!

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We are looking for other passionate STEM organisations and businesses who want to connect with our audience.


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We have curated 40 exceptional speakers to share their knowledge with you. The benefit of an online conference is that you can listen to speakers for a fraction of the cost of a normal conference, without the stress, hassle, and environmental impact of travel.  In fact, each talk is costing you less than $1 to listen to! You would be crazy to miss it!


The 4th Industrial Revolution is here and drones, robots and AI are a key parts reshaping our World. Learn how to integrate these new Digital Technologies into your classroom from teachers who are  already doing it. These are skills that  many teachers like you are wanting to help your students develop!


By joining  EduDrone, you will gain the knowledge and be inspired to lead critical discussions in your school. Amplifying the message of effective STEM integration will ensure your students are ready for the digital workforce. This will help you develop your proficiency as a teacher!

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