How to Start with Drones in Your School

Are you thinking of using drones at school, but aren't really sure where to start?


This course will step you through the Five Basic areas that you need to consider before starting a classroom drone program. 

What You Get!

Don't know what you don't know as far as drones in schools go? That's ok :) This course will kickstart you on your journey to bring MICRO DRONES into your classroom. 

  • Why Are Drones Useful at School?

    Drones are more than just a toy! There's no point buying yet another gimic that's going to sit unused on the shelf, so think beyond the drone and into the realm of data! 

  • How Can I Keep My Students Safe?

    Understanding the risks and what you can do to keep your students safe within the context of local regulations.

  • How Should I Teach Students to Fly?

    You don't need to be a pro remote pilot yourself, but you do need to be able to teach your students the basics! Here's how to do that safely and effectively.

  • Where Does Coding Fit In?

    There's no point coding just for the sake of it. So find out why it makes sense in real world applications to learn to code using drones.

  • Can Drones Be Cross Curricular?

    Is STEM taught with a silo approach at your school? Well drones don't fit neatly into any one category, so let us show you how you can link across your curriculum.

  • Tasks For You

    Each of the Five Basics has a specific task assigned for you. Combined these allow you to build your action plan for bringing drones into the classroom.

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Dr Karen Joyce


Dr. Karen Joyce is the Education Director at She Maps and has worked as a Geospatial scientist for 20 years within government, industry, the military, and academia. She has been involved in tertiary education since the late '90's, and online education for the past ten years.


Karen has also been actively working with primary and secondary schools around Australia and the US to bring her geospatial 'edutainment' programs to life, particularly for girls. "It's amazing what we can map, measure, and ultimately monitor from above to take care of our environment."




We stand by our products as we have tested them with thousands of students and teachers, so we know they work. But, if they don't work for you, then just let us know and we will refund your money within 30 days of purchase.

Education Director, She Maps


I found this course very informative. It gave me a clearer picture of how to incorporate drones in my teaching and I really enjoyed the final clip demonstrating how it is actually used in a classroom. The content provided by Dr Joyce was easy to listen to and very comprehensive.


Amelia Machin

Digital Technologies Teacher, Gold Creek School

I'm excited about the opportunity to introduce drones into our STEM curriculum. This course is brief but helpful to others who may have heard of drones and need to receive some basic information to kickstart their involvement. All areas covered well in particular safety and huge revelation that the drone itself not necessarily being the focus, but as a tool for developing other skills and recording data. 

David Peterson

STEM Laboratory Manager, Murray Bridge High School 

Frequently Asked Questions

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Is it running face-to-face or online?

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Can the course be undertaken at any time within the start / end date? i.e. I normally do this type of PD in the evenings.

How long will the course take?

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The course looks great, but we are already doing this sort of stuff at our school - do you offer anything more advanced?

Are there any additional costs for the course?

Do I need to take any time off my classes during the day to complete various components?

Not at all - feel free to follow along as you like. 

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